Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 27, 2015

Holiday Greetings...

Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year,
and Wonderful Holiday Dreams...

For all of my friends, family, students and beyond, may you have all you wish for... now and always..
and when things are not quite going as planned... take out your paper, colored pencils, paints, and canvases... and take an artistic journey with me!!!

Some upcoming things:

January starts the next 30 day Challenge.   One Painting Every Day for 30 Days.
I will also be doing a 365 Thumbnail Sketch Journal.... this will be a training tool for myself and my students throughout the year.  I must practice what I teach, and teach and practice.

I must learn something new.  So I don't quite know what it's going to be... or how I am going to record this... but I will try and learn something new and document it on a regular basis.  Perhaps Every Two Weeks is a good Goal....

I will try and learn how to Video Present / Record / Teach some art lessons.  This is a valuable tool in building my Teaching Skills.

Re-Organizing my Office / Studio Space... this is an ongoing challenge for the "disorganized artist" that I am constantly battling.  It's a challenge against myself most of the time.  So I am doing my best to de-clutter, organize, purge, and make use of what I have.  I need TO NOT BUY NEW THINGS until I have organized, designated and figured out a use for all the things I already have.

I need to come up with some NEW COLLECTIONS of art.  I have a few that I've been working on, and need to refine and fine-tune...  I also need to rework some of my old canvases and art-pieces.  yes, this includes the great make-over of the "Mermaid's Treasure Trove"...  Since she was born and put into art (several seasons ago) I have learned a lot about Mixed Media Application, and have some new ideas on what I would love to do with her.  I've grown as an artist, and am ready to try and make some changes with her too.
I never understood why classical artists (as we view them now) would paint over and over the same canvases.  Besides the cost of materials, when one develops as an artist, one sees growth... and I've now become comfortable knowing that some of my early work is just that... learning pieces that I have since grown, learned from, and am comfortable knowing that I can do better... I have improved... and I'm ready to let go of the old and paint something new.  I am not afraid to try...

And now... I wish you a very Happy New Year... Creative Dreams and Inspirational Ideas for a Happy and Healthy 2016....

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