Monday, June 3, 2013

Custom Travel Kits - Art on the Go

It's the time of year when school is coming to an end, and the kids are bringing home the stuff that needs to be stored, sorted, gifted, or just thrown away because the teachers are clearing out their classrooms.  So we get our kids backpacks that are washable, recyclable, or just disastrous and the only good thing to do is throw them away too.  I suggest a few things with those savable bags... and create a traveling art bag.

So what to put in the bag?  It all depends on the kids... their needs... their interests, and of course, the destination and the method you'll be travelling.  If you are going on a train, play or in a car or r.v., the methods of storage and transport may vary.  Watercolor pencils, oil pastels, even crayons will either melt or dry up depending on conditions.  The type of paper or drawing surface may vary as well.

These are just suggestions, and I can customize a travel bag for any child, or adult artist who would enjoy a bag on the go.  (note: if you are travelling to a warm climate - out in the desert where crayons may melt if left in a car, pack twistables or colored pencils...  I will NEVER forget the day my favorite Magenta Crayon melted into the seat seams of our family station wagon, nor will I forget my father's reaction because there was a magenta wax stain on the seat. (hot melted wax on hot vinyl)...  a memory of sad melted magenta :(

Custom Travel Kits - Art on the Go
$30 - $45 depending on what is in them - tailored to your children & your own personal requests! With a little "Suzanne" pizazz thrown in for fun! (I can't exactly tell you everything, otherwise the kids can't share with you their amazement when they open it)...
  • $30.00 / The Fiona Pack: Designed for the Girl - on - the - Go

  • $30.00 / The Alexander Adventure Pack: FOR ADVENTUROUS BOYS 
  • add nature/scavenger hunt /explorer details / space / surf / science

  • $45 / David's Discovery Pack / Fine-Art Supplies and Additional Resources to help those older kids get more out of their discovery pack.  - Customized to the child's growing need to learn and read.  Blank Journal & more advanced tools and resources are included.  (Example: David is researching the locations of our summer road trip and creating a working journal of our trip.)  

  • $25 - $50 / The Grown Up Discovery Pack - full of art supplies and creative resources to make your travel journey an artful experience.  Customized for your specific wants and needs, and more... 

  • * Bag / Backpack 
  1. Notebook / Pad of Paper
  2. Clip-board or Hard Board Surface / Dry Erase Board & Markers
  3. Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils in a Plastic Case.
  4. Gel Pastels - Watercolors - Acrylics - Watercolor Pencils
  5. Coloring / Activity Books

Messenger Bags - Sketchbooks - Clipboard - Writing Journals - Crayons and Markers
Activity Books / Coloring Books / Age Appropriate Sketching & Drawing & Painting tools

Colored Pencils - Mini Markers - Clipboard - Pencil Case - ideal for little fingers.

Paints - Pastels - Watercolors - Charcoals are included as age-appropriate** requests are made

If I get a hold of gel-watercolors like these, I include them.  They are easy to use and  don't make a mess.

**on-line resources to help you with your child's interactive art journey - and I can provide a short lesson to help you and your child utilize the art tools that are included.

*note that the bags shown in these pictures are my own children's re-cycled messenger bags.  I am packing them up for our summer road trip later in August.