Monday, February 29, 2016

Suzanne's Art School 

Fill the ARTGAP


ARTGAP is the Program where Suzanne's Art School helps fill the Art Education Gap that is left when budgets and funding for art supplies, education, and fundamental lessons are cut.  

As an ongoing effort, Suzanne's Art School sets aside a percentage from the sale of Art Kits and Supplies throughout the year, to fill the GAP and offset the needs of the students in various programs.

How can you help fill the ARTGAP?
Donate Directly to the Art School Wish List.
Donate through the DickBlick Art Aid Link.
Volunteer to assist an upcoming program.

If you are a teacher and would like assistance teaching or planning an interactive art program to complement your current curriculum, Suzanne's art school will work with you to incorporate art into your lessons.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Art for All - All Reasons and All Seasons

How's your 2016 shaping up?  Have you created anything new?  Got new projects in the works?

This is the perfect time, after the newness of the new year has waned and now you're wondering after all those resolutions, what do you really want to do?

Art!!!  That's what you want.

Suzanne's Studio offers quite a variety of projects.  Private Lessons, Camps, Workshops, Plein-Air, Classroom Environment, and lots more.  Take out your calendar and let's see where Art needs to be in your life!

Suzanne's Studio facilitates art programs, fundraiser, canvas parties, paint & play events and so much more all year round.

An Art Fundraising Event -

How does this work?  The Cost for Participating depends on the Host & Program... but here's the basic:

$25 /  Paint & Canvas / Art Instruction / Light Drinks / PotLuck / Door Prizes

$40 /  Paint & Canvas / Art Instruction / Hor d'oeuvres / Cocktails / Sweet Treat / Raffle & Prizes

$50 /  Paint & Canvas / Art Instruction / Cocktail Hour /  Dinner / Drinks / Dessert / Raffle / Silent Auction

$75 - 100 / Paint & Canvas / Catered Dinner & Menu / Full Service / Raffle / Auction & More

February 15th - Susie's trip to India.

March 19th - Feeling Lucky for McNulty School of Irish Dance

April 24th - Shawn's Wheels

May  - The Melissa Project

June - Suzanne's Studio - Benefit for Inner City School Programs

July - Lion's Camp at Teresita Pines