Thursday, March 8, 2012

the Gibson kids are entertained by the Channel 4 News Reporter.
He let Fiona hold the Microphone for a moment for the picture.
David "lifts" the big rock, en route to LACMA.
Super Fiona, holding up the massive rock!
When news of the huge Rock being delivered to LACMA broke, the "Rock Watchers" lined the route, as if it were a big parade.  This massive piece of granite was being moved from where it was found in Riverside, California, to the Museum where it will become part of a new "Levitated mass" exhibit.

Just as impressive as the big hunk of rock, was the sheer size of the equipment being used to haul this oversized load.   And, as an artist, and an art teacher, I thought it was a great opportunity to teach my kids about how an art istallation, no matter how large, or how small, is a team effort.

We hope to go to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) very soon to see the final exhibit when it is open to the public.