Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Help support the Art G.A.P.

DONATE GENTLY USED ART SUPPLIES... you know, that open box of crayons that has been sitting around collecting dust, or starting to melt...  or those Markers that you no longer use.
How about that stack of coloring books that is partially used, but your kids have outgrown.
Those things will be cherished and used in our art classes.
 What about the idea of giving a child an art lesson.  The average cost of a Lesson for a Classroom of 25 to 30 students is around $25 to 30.  Yes, Suzanne's Studio strives to keep costs at $1.15 per student, or less.  This allows for us to give the kids fresh supplies, new pencils, and nice drawing paper to use.  There's something special about being the FIRST to use a new set of crayons.  Every child will get the experience of using a NEW SET at some point in the program.  But we also emphasize using supplies wisely so that other students can use them too!  Donate though our Art Room Aid link: HERE!
Our newest product is our custom license plate frame. 
Support our efforts an 25% goes to the Art GAP fund!