Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Basic Skills on Canvas - Painting Workshop

My goal as an art teacher is to expose the student to a variety of art mediums that allow the artist to decide for themselves what they like to use the most.  Painting on Canvas, Sketching on Paper, or combining techniques in a mixture of styles...  it is all subjective

Acrylic on paper, allows the artist to build layers and vary the opaqueness of their paint and experience the brush and various brush-strokes.

Learning how to choose the right brush for the detail or blocking at hand

Knowing when to use less or more water in application of watercolor, acrylic or pencil

Exploring perspective and details to create a visual balance

Mixing Crayon and Bright Colors to Block and Explore Color and Resist

Starting with Color Wheels and Primary tools, the students are shown finger painting and are encouraged to explore their own artistic strengths.

Seasonal Focal Points, such as Floral Arrangements are created by the students, and then from their they can build and paint their own canvas.  With a variety of focal points, the students each have their own unique painting at the end of the painting session!

Simple Floral / Sunflowers in Vase

Animals / From the Student's Selection of Images

Lots of Smiles as techniques are explored

Outdoor Painting Sessions

Visual Observations of Nature

Completed Canvas / Oil on Canvas

Independent Art Study:  $40 per session (2 hours)

Sunday Afternoon Workshop:
1 student $25.00
2 students  $50.00
 4 to 6 students $135

Larger Groups / Please call for a quote or custom package.

Materials include finished canvas for student to bring home and hang/frame.