Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sculpture Garden - 2020

During the summer of 2019, I had the fortunate experience of visiting England and Ireland.  Whilst there, I explored historical and monumental sites, with relics, old buildings, churches and castles.  We saw cliffs, and forests, and fairy trees.  Forts and Stone Circles, and sculptures and Plein Air art in the most beautiful and unusual places.  Throughout my journey I sought out new and inspiring art forms that would be translated into new classroom and studio projects.  And this is where the theme of Sculpture Garden 2020 beings.

·       This calendar will shift, adjust and be variable as artists are variable... we have moods, inspirations, and can suddenly be inspired by anything surrounding us.  That's what makes being an artist so fluid and adaptable.  These FOUR artists are just 4 of a list of many, who will be introduced and used to teach and inspire the students in all of my classes... from pre-school to adults, and also into my own body of work which is constantly changing and evolving.  I hope to learn more throughout this year (2019-2020) as this new collection of work is developed.  Thank you for being part of this journey!

Students will create and develop a series of art pieces inspired by the sculptures of a realistic, contemporary and abstract nature.  Styles might vary, individual and group installations will be presented.
·         We will look at, explore, and observe OLD WORLD statues, sculptures and two-dimensional drawings depicting the human form with drapes and costumes.
·         We will explore the organic sculpture inspired by succulents. The art of Nature. Naturally occurring patterns that are repetitive, have shape, form and function.  

We will look at REAL EXAMPLES of current art installtions around the world, like the ones pictured here:

"Cathedral" 15' Stained Glass Window by Kevin Atherton,
 located within the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley, Sculpture Trail, United Kingdom

Mirror Labyrinth by Jeppe Hein (Denmark), location NOMA (New Orleans)

"Quackers" by Mike Dwyer (Colorado) is located in Downtown Mesa, Arizona

"George" by James Hamilton of South Australia

We will explore and learn about our own local artists, sculpture installations and create our own miniature version.  Let's be inspired together!

o    Georgia O’Keefe and the South-West Art Movement. We will create our own oversized drawing and canvas creations on a large-scale format. We will use succulents as our subject matter.
·         We will design and create our own meditation - sculpture garden as a base for our own sculpture project.
o   Inspired by the sculptures at Blarney Castle, Ireland.  Students will create their own sculpture. (Organic or Animal) We will discuss suitable materials, using paper, found objects, metal, buttons, wires, and paint.  We will discuss the location for indoor or outdoor and decide what challenges might be considered in the final installation.
o   We will explore the French Post-Impressionist, the time, the talent the scale and the style of Pointillism.  We will discover various ways to apply paint, in thick, thin, and varied strokes. chromoluminarism and pointillism Thickness of application, and the surface to which the paint is applied.  Impasto, Alla Prima, and Quick Draw will all be explored.
o   Making a Mark on your drawing surface.  Exploring Primary Colors, fun, expressive lines. Visual Movement, energy and abstract art applications.  Kinetic Sculptures and Whimsical Environmental Interpretations of Art, and Movement in Art.
o   Introducing students to the life and work of Dutch Painter, Piet Mondrian
o   We will study and adapt our work inspired by “COMPOSTITION, 1921”

Other Artists who will be discussed and introduced:
Paul Cezanne
Pablo Picasso
Vincent Van Gogh
Claude Monet
Paul Klee

Friday, May 10, 2019

Summer 2019 - Art Camp for Kids, Adults, and Art Retreats

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6 - 9 P.M.

Artist Retreat - 2019

October 18 - 19 - 20 - 2019
San Jose, California
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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Silver White Winters that Melt into Spring

These are a few of my Favorite Things!!!!!

We've Passed by Valentine's Day and are on route to St. Patrick's Day, and clearly there are CREATIVE VIBES  filling the air.  We've had rain (here in Southern California) that has perhaps brought us out of drought status, and as a happy result I expect a lush blooming garden.  
Of course, Avocado's are already hanging from the tree and as the ground starts to dry out a bit we'll be hosting G.U.A.C. sessions very soon.  

In April we'll have some crEATive heARTs workshops combining art, food, and beverages.  

Perhaps you will join in a 
"Paint and a Pint" or a "Cookies and Canvas" party?  

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