Thursday, May 26, 2016

Monday Night STUDIO. 5 Summer Sessions!!!

Momma Owl Mondays:  A Summer Monday Evening Paint and Play (after dinner)... come and enjoy a few hours of painting, chatting, and exploring the art of creativity.

Sessions begin at 7:30 (See Location Details)
Cost $40 / (Includes Supplies, Canvas, Snacks) and 15% goes to the ArtGAP Program. (ask me more about this)

June 27 -  Momma Owl /

July 11 - Wine - Not

July 25 - Paisley Party / Suzanne's Studio

August 1 - Happy Trees - Location/West Torrance

August 15 - Granny's Tea Cup

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Filling the ArtGAP

May 18, 2016

Dear Art Supporter,
I wanted to Introduce you to Suzanne’s Studio, My Summer Art Programs, and invite you to learn about filling the ArtGAP.  Learn about how my business started and what  has happened over the past several years.
I begin by openly thanking my current supporters and I acknowledge the ongoing donations and contributions, and encourage continued support from you.  Here’s a little information about my program.

My Summer Art Camps began as an activity with my own children in exchange for some tutoring and summer school sessions.  We were and still are parents exchanging time and talent to manage the need for activities, socialization and preventing the long summer from being ordinary. A few friends and some paint and paper soon grew into an ongoing summer of art play-dates, field trips and more.

After-school art clubs, ongoing art lessons for all age groups, as well as private instruction for moms, children, toddler groups, and church groups have become a supplement to my art studio.  Always seeking new audiences and opportunities to improve my teaching skills, I brought my art and instruction to various non-profit groups within the community.  The last 8 years have brought many smiles of paint and color to many hands. 

Now I continue my mission to teach and share by offering art education, summer camps, workshops and demonstrations throughout the year, and to all audiences. 

In 2015 I was approached by a teacher from a struggling school community.  Could I help her plan and teach a few art lessons for her second graders? The school had little funding and some of the supplies were being paid for by “awarded” money.  Within the same week a second teacher approached me, from the same district, different school, with the same request.  This time she was paying out of her own pocket.  It was clear and heartbreaking that these teachers were FIGHTING FOR THE MONEY AND RESOURCES to bring quality art into their student’s hands.  
So using materials that I already had surplus of, and a few donations, I managed to teach the first of what became 13 art classes at two different schools.

This year I received calls from the same two teachers.  They had each been working on Grants and Award Money and had acquired funding for art lessons: A full day of classes at one school, and 5 weeks of classes at the other.  The purpose of my ArtGAP was becoming clearer and 27 art lessons were put into my calendar.

Suzanne’s Studio
Filling the ArtGAP, One Paintbrush at a Time.

May 2016

For 5 weeks Suzanne’s Studio has brought art education and activities to the children at Buford and Felton Elementary Schools.  Working with the teachers, Suzanne developed 5 lessons to accompany the current Art Units, aligning with the 2nd grade curriculum and fulfilling various elements of the course.
The students learned about the artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and Joan Miro.  The students also learned the history and elements of Talavera Tiles and Pottery from Puebla, Mexico.
The children were taught drawing and painting lessons using: Pencils, Watercolors, Acrylics, Oil Pastels, and Sketch Wash, and learned techniques from basic lines and shapes, to mixing and applying colors from the color wheel.  Each lesson built upon skills from the previous week, and challenged the young artists to enjoy the experience of learning and feeling successful.

The final element of the art experience is the Art Show and Gallery Walk at the end of the 5 week sessions.  This year’s show is scheduled for May 25th.

In 2015, Suzanne brought 13 lessons to the students in the Lennox Elementary Schools.  This year, the courses more than doubled to 27.  

Filling the ArtGAP is only possible through the generosity and dedication of the teachers, the schools, school districts, and grants, and the contributions from anonymous donations to the ArtGAP program.  The L.E.A.F. program was a key for this years success. 
Whether it’s assisting teachers in the grant application process, or providing supplemental materials to help the students, Suzanne Gibson and her studio, is dedicated to the success and accomplishments of the students. 
Throughout the year, Suzanne seeks and helps facilitate opportunities to provide and fund art events, fundraisers, and classroom activities to encourage the financial and in-kind support of these programs. 
To learn more about the various ways you can help please contact Suzanne’s Studio or the Education Foundation representative in your school district. 

Let’s Fill the ArtGAP together.
One PaintBrush at at time!

Thank you in advance, for your support and encouragement.  The work of the children, the smiles on their faces and the sense of accomplishment speak volumes about the experience they’ve had with the creative process.  The importance of art education in the classroom only starts here.

Thank you,

Suzanne C. Gibson, Art Instructor
Owner, Suzanne’s Art Studio & ArtGAP Founder

Suzanne Gibson is a private art studio instructor in the Los Angeles Area.  Building the Gibson Art Program (G.A.P.) will allow Suzanne to continue to bring art education to ALL STUDENTS regardless of the funding and location limitations.  Suzanne’s Studio is in the founding stages of building the ArtGAP as a non-profit arm of her art studio and art instruction business.  Your support of this endeavor is appreciated exponentially.