Tuesday, April 9, 2013


THE APRIL COLORING PAGES will be joined together to create a coloring book.

I will be putting them together for $25 / and $5 from each book sold will be directly donated to various charities...


Option 1 = Team Punch Cancer in the Face / Taylor & Anastasia will be walking the 3-day in Seattle.

Option 2 = Team Susan / Susan and Friends (including me) will walk the 2 day /AVON walk in Santa Barbara, in September

Option 3 = Suzanne's Art School = This options allows me to bring art supplies and lessons to various organizations, donate my time and materials and continue bringing art to everyone... no matter what!

Go to the "Buy it Now" on the side and make your selection today.  The books will be printed at the end of April and Sent shortly thereafter!

Thanks, Suzanne

Saturday, April 6, 2013