Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Drawing Fundamentals: Outdoor Sketching with Pencils

 The first lesson with a new student always involves "Squiggles and Giggles"...  regardless of age or skill level, this is an important step in loosening up and getting aquainted with the supplies you will be using.  This includes testing out all the pencils and their various weights of graphite... from HB to 4B to 8H and such.  Understanding how hard or soft the lead is will assist in helping you plan and select the right pencil for the detail or shading you will be planning.

Once shapes are loose and you are ready to experiment with angles and composition there are a few things to do.  1. Look at your location.  If you are outside, like we were on Monday, then take a good look at the surroundings.  Take a moment to stop and observe.  What are you looking at? What are your various options? Where is the light coming from?  If you are going to be here more than an hour, how will the lighting change?  Are you wearing a hat or sunglasses that will effect the colors you are seeing?
Once you have your composition established, take a series of pictures.  This will allow you to reference your viewpoint once you have left and have time to study and make additions or changes to your drawing.

 To begin your sketch, find a focal point or vanishing point (depending if you are drawing in perspective or not)...  we found our "triangle" to anchor our drawing and locate the focal point.  This is a common lesson I teach for all types of drawing and painting classes.

Where do you start looking at the drawing (about the location of the pinetree.  Then your eye is draw up to the top of the steeple, and then brought along the covered walkway to the circle that is part of the chapel window.  The circle is about where our vanishing point goes.  If we draw a line, vertical, through that circle, that will mark a central point where our various angles will meet.  I chose the bottom of the circle in my demo drawing here!

Of course, we were treated to a glimpse of a wedding party during our afternoon sketch class.  I was lucky enough to grab the camera and get a quick shot of the Bride and Groom as they walked through the garden after the ceremony.  

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