Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

As an artist, it is a new world of social media, twitter feeds, various image held websites and blogs that has created an audience and relationship between you, the viewer and myself (and others) the artist.

I truly appreciate the art enthusiasts, the students, the other artists and friends who provide feedback, encouragement, ideas, suggestions, countless photographs, and various other elements that are wonderful additions to my day to day creative process.  As many know, art is just a passion, and a passion becomes more than life when it is nurtured, cared for, explored and allowed to grow exponentially.

Therefore...  Thank you!!!

Thank you for visiting my Art Page,.... on Facebook, on Twitter, on Etsy, on Pinterest, on Tumblr....

Thank you for supporting and encouraging me.

Please... when you do visit my site,.... sign the guest book....  share a comment, share a page....  provide feedback, that is so important to help guide me in what direction I can next take my art.

Ask me Questions....  Engage in Conversation....

What art Technique do you want to learn more about?

Where do you want to see me?

When can I do a workshop with you and your kids, or with your ladies group?

How about a Date Night?

Instead of a Mom's night out, how about a Mom's night in?

How about a trip to a local flower garden to sit and paint, or along the coast for a Plein Air demonstration and Workshop?

Bring the kids for a Paint and Play....

Art is a Creative Opportunity.... Art is an Adventure in Color..... Texture....  and so much more.

See you Soon, and again.... Thank you!


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