Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun Art Themed Projects: All Summer Long

Summer Fun with Suzanne...
Art Lessons for all ages...
Each week we will base our art projects on a particular theme.  Age appropriate projects will encourage creativity for all artists.  Look at the following projects that will be introduced each week.
Week 1: July 9th - Egypt
Students will learn about sand art, heiroglyphics and ancient symbols, Pyramids, Artifacts, Cleopatra, some of the artistic rituals.  We will explore the make-up and images that are important and that have been passed on to our modern age in art and culture.  Younger children will learn and get the opportunity to design their own patterns on clay.  This week will include a field trip to the Cleopatra Exibit at the California Science Center.

Week 2: July 16th - Water
This week we will explore water: watercolor, images with water, underwater, waterfalls, water features, drawing and painting with water, painting pictures that include a still life and a bowl of water, and using water as a tool to create patterns and textrues. 
This week will include a beach or waterplay day.
Week 3: July 23 - England (Olympics)
The Olympic Opening Ceremonies in London England...  Strawberries and Creme (inspired by Wimbledon), Art by Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit),  E.H Shepard (Winnie the Pooh and Wind in the Willows) and art inspired by English Culture; Teapots, Tea Parties, English Roses, the Royal Family and so much more.  We will explore art that is English,  Artists that are English,  Artforms, Architecture, and Music. 
Week 4: July 30 - Sports & Games (Olympics)
Now that the Olympic Games are well under way... we will explore art that is inspired by the Olympics.  We will discuss images seen during the opening ceremonies. We will talk about the colors in the country flags and then create our own flags using fabric paints.  We will draw and paint images from ancient Greece and the ancient sports that were played during the original games.   We will create modern art inspired by athletes and the sports that they are competing in.  Students will discover the head-dresses, the flower wreaths and the gold medals and create their own "award ceremony".
Week 5: August 6 - Sunshine and Happiness
Sunshine and Smiles... Rainbows and Water... Windchimes and Bird...  Garden Art and Bubbles...  Exploring the garden studio will fill our art sessions with plenty of color and inspiration.   A trip to the Getty Center or Getty Villa will be planned for this week.  Art lessons will include many outdoor inspirations, parks, beaches, palm trees, and so much more. 
Week 6: August 13 - Island Getaway
What Island would you like to go to? Catalina? Hawaii? Madagascar? Ireland? Balboa Island?  Our art projects will tap into our dreams and memories to create unique and interesting island images.  Join us and see what "Island" you get away to.

All Classes are Age Appropriate
All age groups, all artistic levels
Many new materials and artistic styles are introduced.
Children and Adults are encouraged to try and relax and enjoy the artistic process.

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