Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Fabulous Acrylic Workshop

Session Two with Annie, Allie & Friends...

Gathering with some friends during the summer can be fun and creative... especially when they bring great photos to draw inspiration from.

The girls (all going into 8th grade in September) brought with them an assortment of colorful animal images.  Tropical birds, Pandas, Penguins... and produced some rather lovely works of art.

The moms... Donna and Myself, worked on Floral Displays from real flower bouquets in the room... I worked on a bunch of roses, and Donna a spray of Sunflowers... 
It was an enjoyable session.  We'll do another session before the girls head back to school in September... 

Colorful parakeets

 Giant Panda

 Chinstrap Penguin




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