Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday Field Trips: July 1st - LACMA

David (9), Fiona (5) and Alexander (7)
Waiting patiently while mommy stands in line to get the tickets.

A Maze of Noodles?  We're not sure, but this installation of "tubular noodles" hanging like stringy spaghetti was really cool... apparently during the day the noodles gain energy, and they glow in the dark at night.  We'll have to go back and check this out.

Fiona and Alex pause a moment in front of the "Tim Burton" balloon.

We went for a bite to eat a the plaza cafe, and due to its proximity to the La Brea Tar Pits, we took a quick look at the large pool.  This was David's first look at it and he was fascinated enough to be planning a future trip when he can explore it further.  I suggested a day when it wasn't going to be 95 degrees.

Returning to the museum plaza, we explored the paths of the sculpture garden.  The kids really liked the water sculptures.  I love the architecture.

This Moving Sculpture is Alexander's favorite piece.
Fiona loves exploring the path and dancing with the "spinny thing" (as she poetically describes it)

In the style of Henri Matisse?

David accurately described this Tea Set, without reading the artist cue card.  I was very proud of him for identifying it...  Fiona was excited because it was a tea set.

David with a Mondrian... just for Granny.

I think I see some new Modern Art Sculptures hidden in with the old ones, can you find them?

I have a liking for Paul Klee

An Original Modigliani...
Here's a wonderful 3 Dimensional Sculpture... 

Fiona's Favorite.

The boys were truly discussing a modern art sculpture that was across the room from where they sat.
I watched for a few minutes and took this picture.  Then David got up and explained what they were discussing.

this pile of scrapmetal, possibly from motorcycles and such, are very "Transformerish"...

We did visit the Tim Burton Exhibit, but due to copyright laws and the DO NOT TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS AND PLEASE PUT AWAY CELL PHONE rule, there are no pictures... however, let me tell you that anyone who has seen a Tim Burton movie... you will not be disappointed.  If you appreciate children's illustrations, you will be amazed... and if you have any children who doodle in their textbooks, or have collegues who scribble in the margins of the newspaper... this is certainly a great show.  Truly worth the time... 

This is a 3 dimensional relief painting... done in 7 segments.  I think that I will incorperate this into a 7 part series for Middle School & High Schoolers for next summer...

Photo Opp for mommy!

Looking back, it was a lovely day...

Looking ahead, the car is nearby,... just down those stairs...

Next Field Trip: Madrona Marsh on the 8th of July!

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  1. Mmm, nice trip... taking my little boy to the Cincinnati Art Museum was always a favorite day for us -- he would have LOVED to have the Le Brea Tar Pit near by. Looks like you enjoyed a really great day.