Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 20th... Summer Solstice Playdate

Join us on June 20th.... for a Summer Solstice inspired day of Art & Play.

When:  12:00 til about 2:30
Where: La Romeria Park, Torrance (On Inglewood just South of Narrot)
What to Bring:  Lunch / Drinks
What to Wear: Play Clothes

This is a playdate at the park... I will bring some SIMPLE art supplies, sketch books, pencils and crayons.
We will do some shadow art under the trees, and look at the patterns created by prisms.

Suitable for all ages.

RSVP  and include the age/s of your child(ren).
Thank you...

Cost:  Donation toward supplies if you are able to.

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  1. Kaylee (8), Emily (7) and Lilly (4) will be there. Thanks!