Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Fun - Art and Creative Classes

Flexible Fall Schedules...
1 1/2 hours of instruction for children, ages 3-5, or 5-15... and Adults too!
age appropriate lessons, mediums and skill building projects that encourage the students to explore their creativity.

For Children, ages 5 - 15, Develop confidence with a variety of mediums, or gain skill with a particular art style... we will explore the talents you possess and have some fun along the way....

For the little ones... we engage in tactile processing, cutting, molding, shaping, and familiarizing with hands on materials... glue, paint, wood, glitter, and a whole lot of giggles too. Basic art techniques, introduction to drawing, shape recognition, and color mixing are explored.

Adult lessons are structured for the individual student... to learn, explore and enhance your own knowledge of art, and expand and practice new techniques.

Each lesson is tailored to your personal needs.

Schedules are flexible to meet your calendar.

$100 for 4 lessons

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