Friday, June 26, 2009

Feel the Paint Between your Fingers

Painting can be such a tactile experience. I encourage my young artists to experiment with textures and explore how things feel. This creates wonderful conversations about how things feel: hot, cold, squishy, slimy, scratchy. Here Fiona and David are learning about warm and cool color combination's. They titled their combined work "an explosion at a chocolate factory"... It may be fun and messy, but it is the perfect way for them to explore the materials.

Check out my other Children's Art Lessons & Suzanne's Summer Studio... I offer a variety of classes for children of all ages.

Butterfly Art Studio: Girls ages 3 - 7 (Monday Afternoons in July)
Colorful Critters: Boys ages 4 - 6 (Kindergarten) Days and Hours to be arranged
Summer Studio: Children of all ages - (T/W/Th Afternoons in July)

Thursday Night Studio - 7pm - 11:00p.m. - Variety of topics and mediums. Contact me directly for details.

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