Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Suzanne's Summer Studio: Sessions now open.

Summer Studio: individual & group art lessons and creative workshops for children, ages 5 and up. Each lesson is geared toward the child's age and skill level, and will be adapted as the children need. Lessons are 2 hours, from 1 - 3 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Open Studio Time is available to students at the end of each session.
Select from a full session (3 days) or from single classes.

Session One: Let's Fly at Kite

Tuesday, July 7th - Making kites & other art that takes flight

Wednesday, July 8th - Flying the kites, Creating Hot Air Balloons, and art inspired by Flight

Thursday, July 9th - Creative Flying Creatures and flight inspired paintings.

Session Two: Creative World of Color.

Tuesday, July 14 - Colorful Collage on Canvas

Wednesday, July 15 - Magical Mosaics and Mixed Medium

Thursday, July 16 - Sculptures and Clay Creations

Session Three: Animal Art Show

Tuesday, July 21 - Amazing Animal Art

Wednesday, July 22 - Animal Art at the L.A. Zoo* FIELD TRIP*
2 hours of drawing time with the animals...

Thursday, July 23 - Animal Sculptures

Last week of July = Oceans Alive
Ocean Themed Art projects, Excursions to Tide Pools, Beach and Aquarium to be arranged.

Check out the Open Studio Sessions.... There's always a good excuse for creating art!

Also offering:
Paper Mache Madness: 8 hours of instruction / hours to be arranged. ($100)

Cute and Colorful Critters: Mommy & Me art projects for pre-school children. Parent involvment to encourage children's artistic ability, and show parents that it's okay for kids to get paint on their fingernails. 2 hour sessions / $30 ($50 for 2 sessions)

Butterfly Art Studio:
Girl ages 3 and 4.... Play based art instruction geared towards little girls. Beads and Bubbles and Butterflies... and so much more. Parents are welcome to participate and watch the girls play and learn. (a craft, some playtime, and splash zone... please have children dress to "play"... and if it is hot, put a swimsuit on under clothes... we may get wet)
2 hour sessions / $30 ($50 for 2 sessions)

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