Scout Badges

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Let me help your group earn merit badges*, belt-loops, pins, and patches...

Color Wheel, Drawing, Painting, Crafting, Art Gallery Visit, and Various Other Art Projects can be done in one meeting, or at a series of meetings.  Just call and let me know what sections of your badge list you are focusing on.

I do not charge for my time with Cub Scouts, however, should you wish to make a donation of $5 per participant to support my efforts that would be appreciated.  This allows me to continue to bring art to your scouting programs.

*Merit Badges for Boy Scouts.  Typically at $10 materials fee get's you started, but remember to please visit to print out your requirement list, and consult with your Scout Master to proceed with the various tasks and get your blue card.  You will need to budget and prepare to shop for some basic supplies which will be discussed during your first meeting.

Suzanne C. Gibson, BSA Merit Badge Counselor - Artist, Drafting, Sculpting

Basic Art Kit - Supply List

Everyone wants to know.... What goes into a basic art kit.... and what is a basic art kit?

Let's start off with: Drawing Tools...

Paper: Sketch Book & Spiral Bound... this prevents the paper flying away in the breeze.

Pencils: Markers: Crayons: Colored Pencils: Pastels: Charcoal Pencils... Keep it simple

Erasers: Smudge Sticks: Paper Towels / Baby Wipes

Pencil Sharpener: File Smoother

Tracing Paper/Tissue Paper: To put between charcoal drawings when you are finished.

Camera: to remember the vantage point, the lighting, and any little details for when you are "finishing" your picture. 

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